Forum – IFR Mudflaps

As distance skating becomes more and more popular, the range and availability of top quality products specifically designed to improve the way we skate rises. Sometimes all it takes is someone with an idea to change the game. IFR is doing it with mudflaps. Homemade mudflaps have been around for a long time, LBL upped the game with his ones for Rob Thomson’s pusher and … Continue reading Forum – IFR Mudflaps

Review – Xero ‘Amuri Z-Trek’

The latest review in our #harfangatang competition comes in from Frank in Frankfurt. Xero Shoes Amuri Z-Trek Barefoot Sandals Although it is already fall now and summer is gone, I want to let everyone know about what I think are the best barefoot-sandals for distance skateboarding. Luckily I still had the chance to test them recently on some warmer days. For quite some time now … Continue reading Review – Xero ‘Amuri Z-Trek’

Review – Harfang Stage 4 Kegels

Michael takes the Harfangatang Kegels for a few skates and gives SkateFurther a review. Great distances mean a great variety of surfaces, no wheel will be perfect for them all. Softer, bigger wheels will plough through soft gravel, mud and carry on spinning longer with every push but that extra weight will cost you energy getting back up to speed when the rougher surfaces slow … Continue reading Review – Harfang Stage 4 Kegels

Review – Ekick Torpedo Lights

Steven Skogging Meketa gives us a review of the Ekick Torpedo Lights Mark IV Hey pushers, it seems that the skateboarding market is flooded with a lot of good product ideas and some not so great. Here is the good news!!!!! Ekick Tech “Torpedo Lights” fall under the amazing category in this Skoggers opinion. I commute to work daily via my skogging board. When I leave for … Continue reading Review – Ekick Torpedo Lights

Product – SkateFurther X Grip Graphique

We are stoked to announce a collaboration with the awesome people over at Grip Graphique. For years Grip Graphique have offered a range of custom grip tape designs in a range of styles and have sponsored distance skating events across Canada. Now you can get your very own slice of SkateFurther as well. Grip Graphique are offering a limited Edition Skatefurther grip tape that you can … Continue reading Product – SkateFurther X Grip Graphique

Product – G|Bomb Stubby

G|Bomb have been high on the distance skater’s radar for many years now. Their original bracket system was picked up by skaters because of the ride height and adjustability options. In the past few years G|Bomb have pushed into the hybrid push/pump market and upped their game with the torsion tail, a revolutionary design for a 0° rear truck. The G|Bomb team includes some of the … Continue reading Product – G|Bomb Stubby

Review – 1166 Pacemaker

thumbnailAlbert gives us the lowdown on a beautiful looking deck. The 1166 pacemaker.

It was about a week ago. Cruising the boulevard, a sunny sky blessing every meter I rolled. It was late afternoon and the temperature was still higher than we’re used to in our little country. This was the exact moment I saw two attractive young ladies trying to stay upright going downhill on rented “longboards”.

After teaching them a bit of the basics the reason to skate came up. What was meditative to me was training to them. Turns out they were surfers and they were told carving, pumping and cruising would help them train their legs and balance.

When they rode my board they were amazed by the smoothness. Just as I was and have been ever since it was sent to me. The moment I took it out of the box I held my breath. “This is where skating meets art.” is what I thought. My 1166 pacemaker had arrived. After tweaking the setup a bit I am now taking it literally everywhere. The beautiful glossy green veneer not only my bag and shows everyone the SkateFurther logo, it also protects this piece of art from the asphalt after I pump it with my full weight.

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Review – Revolt Alchemist


“Precision for long distances, but why? It does not matter, you don’t go downhill!” That’s what most people tell me when I run precision trucks under my pushers.
But once you’ve ridden 100 miles on end. Once you’ve pumped until you step off your board and you puke and collapse. Once you’ve known the true feeling of being one with your device. Then you will know why precision can help you push further. Why it can help you Skate Further. It is a part of you, so a slight difference in wobble or a teeny rattle on one side for hours on end will start to get in via your legs and destroy your mind.

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When the Dutch company Revolt posted on their Facebook page I was super stoked. Precision trucks made in The Netherlands. At that moment I decided I needed a pair, so I messaged them and they let me review a pair for LDP purposes.

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