Product – G|Bomb Stubby

G|Bomb have been high on the distance skater’s radar for many years now. Their original bracket system was picked up by skaters because of the ride height and adjustability options. In the past few years G|Bomb have pushed into the hybrid push/pump market and upped their game with the torsion tail, a revolutionary design for a 0° rear truck. The G|Bomb team includes some of the best distance racers and they are continually are at the front of the distance market when it comes to products. The Stubby Deep Drop bracket is a redesign of their original deep drop bracket.

Screen shot 2016-08-15 at 11.12.31 AM

Our new DD-S bracket delivers all the performance you have come to expect from our patented G|Bomb brackets but in a more compact package. The DD-S features bracket offers infinite adjustability of truck angles from +12 (wedge) to -2 degrees (dewedge). This version is ideal for the front and rear applications where little or de-wedging is not needed. This new version features added shoulder strength to handle even more abuse from heavier riders.

We are stoked that G|Bomb have strengthened their brackets across the neck and that they now offer them in black. Go visit their website and facebook and check out their other offerings

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