How To – Rayne Piranha 0° setup

Samuel has been over in the Skatefurther Forum letting us know about an experiment he has been working on. A lower than low LDP board. For more info on his setup visit the 'How To' section on the forum. Watch the video bleow to see his LowDP in action!


Hello, My Name is Daniëlle van Veen

The second of our 'hello my name is...' interviews...welcome Daniëlle van Veen First of all...please introduce yourself. Hi there y’all! My name is Daniëlle van Veen, a 19-year old girl from thé superflat country called The Netherlands! I live in a student house in Breda with 5 guys. How and when did you get into Skateboarding … Continue reading Hello, My Name is Daniëlle van Veen

Hello, my name is Saskia Tromp

We announced it. Now it’s here! The “Hello. My name is” Skatefurther Distance Skateboarding Scene Interview Series. In the next weeks and months we’ll publish the interview series we have started with some people who are a big part of the distance skating family. You’ll get some insights to the scene, the thoughts of the … Continue reading Hello, my name is Saskia Tromp