The Wanaka200

Here’s a trip! 3 days in New Zealand!

The Wanaka200 is the first of its kind in New Zealand – A 200km on road skateboard journey. The three-day trip will test you physically but what better way is there to experience NZ’s finest scenery?

17th to 20th January 2019 and at this point we are looking at offering

– Transport to and from Christchurch (airport pickups?)
– Transport back to Wanaka end of day 2
– Support vehicle for pickups if needed
– Accomodation for 3/4 nights in Wanaka
– Water/food support en route.

Initial route plans are

Day 1 – 32km – Tarras to Wanaka

Day 2 – 53km – Wanaka to Cromwell Wanaka to Cromwell

Day 3 – 115km – Wanaka to Wanaka via Tarras and Cromwell Wanaka to Wanaka via Tarras and Cromwell (will finish with a lake swim for sure!)

You can keep up to date on the official websitethe event page and in the SkateFurther forum.