The Wanaka200

Here’s a trip! 3 days in New Zealand! The Wanaka200 is the first of its kind in New Zealand – A 200km on road skateboard journey. The three-day trip will test you physically but what better way is there to experience NZ’s finest scenery? 17th to 20th January 2019 and at this point we areContinue reading “The Wanaka200”

Info – Beyond the sidewalk – Back to our roots

It’s been 15 minutes since I first watched this and I’m still grinning from ear to ear. Beyond the Sidewalk is a must see documentary about the first ever crossing of the USA by Jack Smith, Jeff French and Mike Filben. We had seen the promo video and heard all about the viewings, but nowContinue reading “Info – Beyond the sidewalk – Back to our roots”

Journey – The Southern Push

Alex is pushing the southern coast of the UK this summer. Traveling to Lands End (the starting point of many great journeys) and then pushing all the way, some 420m, back home. Many of us will relate to his thirst for adventure – stuck in front of a computer screen, surrounded by the same sceneryContinue reading “Journey – The Southern Push”

Journey – 5000km from San Francisco to New York

Popping up on our radar out of the middle of no where, Danielius is pushing off on what will undoubtedly be one of the biggest pushes this year – 5000km from San Francisco to New York. What makes this push even more interesting is his experience and attitude towards a challenge of a lifetime. OverContinue reading “Journey – 5000km from San Francisco to New York”

Journey – Just A Couple Of Spins

We stumbled across this trip the other day and got in contact with Flo. He has just completed 58 days of skating, starting in Germany and finishing in Istanbul. I didn’t know if I would like longboarding for two months straight and if I could even do it. I just started. I didn’t let allContinue reading “Journey – Just A Couple Of Spins”