Journey – Just A Couple Of Spins

Screen shot 2015-10-11 at 8.43.19 PM

We stumbled across this trip the other day and got in contact with Flo. He has just completed 58 days of skating, starting in Germany and finishing in Istanbul.

I didn’t know if I would like longboarding for two months straight and if I could even do it. I just started. I didn’t let all the blogs and forums that tell you “you have to be super fit and super well prepared” scare me. I listened to the people that say “go out and do it” and they are 100% right. There is always a way. Sometimes you feel like you will never reach the top of the mountain pass and just sitting down crying in pain seems like a legitimate solution for all your problems. But if you take your time and just keep going it is the most rewarding thing to know you didn’t give up but pushed on instead. Downhills on quiet roads in the mountains or along the Croatian coast in the late afternoon sun did the rest.

There is just no feeling like skating into the sunset after a long and tiring day. You have to experience it yourself. It’s simply the best thing in the world.

You can do anything if you take your time! And it was actually just a couple of spins.


Hit us Flo on his Just a Couple Of Spins facebook page to keep an eye on his next trip. Click here to watch the Official Trailer for ‘Just a couple of spins‘.

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