Journey – 5000km from San Francisco to New York

Popping up on our radar out of the middle of no where, Danielius is pushing off on what will undoubtedly be one of the biggest pushes this year – 5000km from San Francisco to New York. What makes this push even more interesting is his experience and attitude towards a challenge of a lifetime.

Over to the man himself:

DN – You’re all probably gonna laugh at me!  I decided to take this on with only 3 months experience on a longboard. I skated for leisure as a kid but it was never really a passion. I guess it is now!
I’ve bee skating a lot (in my eyes) in preparation for the trip, about 10km a day for the last couple of months resulting in more confidence but also a broken arm. This happened the week before my flight from Europe to San Fran – many would see this as a warning sign but I’m not going to let that stop me now, not a chance! it’s not a leg! I can still ride, I will still ride!

SF – Now that’s true “dedication”… and we applaud your commitment man! So what made you get back on the board?
DN – Well, I want to check if “anything” is possible, to test my limits. Dictated by my Visa, I have a limit of 90 days in the US (82 left as I type). Man, if I can achieve this push, everything else that I face in life will be a breeze.

SF – Many of us have tied and tested methods for journey planning and preparation. As a newbie, how did you approach this?
DN –  I only started my preparations couple months ago. So I studied Google Maps a lot and I contacted some people who have done same trip to ask them for tips and advice, one guy helped me a lot!! His name is James McGary. Also, here in USA I spent a week preparing – I still needed to buy the board, tent and other essentials. Things started to go wrong from the beginning – the best skate store in San Francisco wouldn’t sell me a board, “Get back when your arm gets better”. I appreciate the concern but a broken arm isn’t really a worry when you take into account that I’m doing the whole trip with only $200 in my pocket. I can’t wait, because my time here is limited. So a friendly stranger who found me on a couch surfing site helped me to source one online.

SF – ………………… $200. Did you miss a zero?
DN – Ha, I wish! Yes, that may seem a little difficult but I know where I’m going and I’m hoping my guitar will bring in some cash everyday to help me get there.

SF – We hope you’ve got your kit already prepared. How’s it looking?
DN – A backpack, a small acoustic guitar for entertainment and a little busking, tent, drone, few cameras and of course, the new longboard. It’s a 42′ Sector 9 drop-thru bamboo lookout II.

SF – Phew, we’re glad to hear you’re going wild with the accommodation! The smell takes a little while to get used to but you’ll love waking at dawns with the birds, we’re sure.
DN – I’m also hoping to get some support from the couch surfing community so if any of your readers can offer a little help along the way, it’d be greatly appreciated.

We’re going to catch up with Danielius on the road and we can’t wait to hear about his adventures along the way. If you have any words of support, advise, a sofa or maybe an extra $300 for him, give the man a shout on Facebook and his music a mention –  Instagram: @Narovski

Stay safe Danielius! Skate hard, keep your goals in sight and, more importantly… have fun!

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