Info – 10 of the best long distance skateboarding documentaries

If there’s only one good thing us long distance longboarders do, it’s keeping track of what we’ve done. From images, blogs and vlogs through to slick documentaries. For giggles, exposure, sponsorship or just our own life diaries, as we achieve something new on our boards we do a great job of capturing it.
It’s great to see others achieving their goals and even beneficial to see them fail. Through video footage we get to see the highs and lows, the reality of life on the road and what drives us towards it.

There no real way to score them as they all have a differing focus however, for your viewing pleasure, here’s 10 of the best so grab a brew or beer and prepare to see some amazing journeys, just as the riders saw it themselves…

Long Treks on Skate Decks
Starting with one we all know, and if you don’t, you should. The Long Treks series have been both an interesting watch and an inspiration to many of us. I’ve started with the boys first trip, where the magic began.

Skateboarding Across America – Jack Smith
“Ohh, “that” Jack!”, I hear you say. Rightly so! Here’s the footage from his 2003 crossing for Lowe Syndrome.

Coffee High
A personal favorite of mine. Max captures the spirit of nomadic travel, integration and the wondrous scenery of the Tibetan mountains in a kind of eerie yet totally beautiful way.

The Poncho Push
Sam went all out to create a great documentary on his journey from Page to LA in the States. He captured the trip with some amazing footage and incredible scenery shots.

Skating Wales… the warm up
Rupert and Co needed to warm up for their epic trans-American skate. And, while we’re all awaiting the premier of that glossy documentary, here’s the warm up trip.

Coastal Native
700 miles on a street set up, shredding boulders like a playground. Rewarded with slapped wrists and official warnings, Clay Shank bends some rules and goes the distance from a new angle.

Turf Surf
6500km in 5.5 mins. Robin Leypoldt bites off a huge chunk, chews it hard and spits it out in video format.

World on board
We love Adrian and his dedication to the sport is unrivaled – “Who cares of the footage is wobbly and my taste in music is truly awful..” he said after he pushed 600km from Seoul to Beusan in Korea.

14 Degrees
Rob still holds the world record for the longest distance pushed on a board. Here’s part 1 of his skate across the USA.

Number 10 on our list is yet to be filled! We wanna see you in action. We wanna hear your stories and travel with you on your journey! Comment below with the best one we missed….

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