World On Board

For those of you who do not know Adrian, here’s a little info. Adrian ‘World On Board‘ has been skating countries across the globe for many years, entering ultraskates across the globe (he came to NZ for the 2016 ultra and ended up on Nat’s couch!) and most recently has covered almost 11,000km in 275 days (for Adrian’s Rider profile from back in 2015 click here!)
Adrian recently started a Patreon page where you can donate as much or as little as you can towards his trip and buy him a days food and drink, a motel to sleep in if the wether turns bad or even a personal postcard from Adrian himself!

I am relying entirely on my saving to accomplish my dream of skateboarding around the world.

My daily expense is about $10, just on food. I stealth camp most of the time. However, there are other unsuspecting expenses that crept up. For example, equipment breakage and replacement and occasionally hotel stays during bad weather.

Any monetary contributions can go a long way toward my journey.

As a cyclist Nat met on SkateNewZealand back in 2008 said ‘Every night I sleep like a dog is an extra day I can cycle at the end’  Throw some money his way – he’s on an epic trip and every dollar makes it last longer.