Throwback – The Allure of Long Distance Skateboarding

Skatefurther has been around for a almost decade. Lots of miles have passed beneath us all. One of our biggest highlights was watching Rob Thomson skate his way into the record books. Rob became a great friend of Skatefurther and it was always awesome to check into the old forum (R.I.P.) and see where he had got to in the world, marvel over his photos and … Continue reading Throwback – The Allure of Long Distance Skateboarding

Adrenalina NYC streaming live!

At 7.a.m NYC time, the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon will come live from Governer’s Island, NYC. We will be here watching it live. Sit back, open up the chat and get online whilst watching some of the greatest distance skaters battle it out for $30,000! See you in there. Watch live streaming video from pushculture at Continue reading Adrenalina NYC streaming live!

Front Row

The front row for the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon has been released. $30,000 is up for grabs at this race so placing is important. 1st place wins $15,000! Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon will be straming the event live (7.a.m. NYC time) and we will be following it closely. The front row looks like this (thanks to Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon) Jeff Vyain • 27 years old • Brooklyn, … Continue reading Front Row

14 Degrees

Newcomers to this site might not know much about Rob Thomsons 14 Degrees journey. We here at skatefurther certianly do. In July 2006, Rob started a 12,000km journey across Eurasia but on the 25th June 2007 swapped his bike for a board and began a world record breaking skate across Europe, North America and China. On the 28th of September 2008 he arrived in Shanghai after … Continue reading 14 Degrees