Journey- CROSSboarders

Have you ever had the urge to skatefurther? How about 69,000km further? Well Jay and Iain are off on an adventure and will probably be skating past you! 

The world is upside down and there is war going on everywhere…Racism and pointlessness is growing. And we don’t fit in anymore.. One day when you wake up with all your friends married and with kids, houses, good jobs and expensive cars.. What do you do?

Well we fucked off. 

As a Christian Jew, Jay has always wanted to go to Israel and his initial thought was to walk there and then continue from there around the world.. But he thought.. Skateboarding is so much more fun than walking.. So he bought himself a real cheap longboard and started to plan the trip.. This was in February 2015.

Jay wrote to Iain in February and said.. “Dude come with, IT WILL BE FUN!!!” Iain said, “Naaa”

In March  a late night he got a text on Whatsapp, and Iain was in..

Iain has never stood on a skateboard so this will be awesome… Iain said.. “Well i guess, if we’re gonna skate 69,000 km, I will kinda learn on the way”..

Jay is doing this as a spiritual journey and to give the finger to society. Iain is doing this to escape the Scottish winter and to make sense of it all.

We should live more eco friendly and find alternative lifestyles. We should be kinder to another and we should stop focusing on our differences and focus more on our strengths and the kindness in everyone.. Every single person on this earth Fucks up.. over and over again. Give them a helping hand because next time it is you,

Don’t make society tell you what to do or how you should act.. Help forming a new more humane society.. Where having fun and where you actually live is more important than stacking up piles of money.

Say fuck it, leave everything behind and start skating and meet up with us. we will absolutely take you in and we will share our bread with you, but you gotta have your own skateboard, because we aint walking 😛

We want to inspire people to do the same and be more conscious about what society is forming us to instead of us forming the society.

Now we are sponsored by Urskog longboards and North Best Co. Wheels and we want to say to everyone that anyone can skate. Doesn’t matter how old you are or how unfit you are.. just buy yourself a skateboard and start skating. 
Check our route out at

On facebook at CROSSboarders

Instagram CROSSboarders

Linkedin CROSSboarders

Thanks for this opportunity to get our voice heard.
We have just had a look at the route and are completely blown away by this trip. Nat will be sure to join them when they come through New Zealand. Watch this space for all the updates. 

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