Scene – LDP Rio

We didn’t really know where to file this one; Rider Profile? Gatherings? Just plain awesomeness? We went for ‘Scene’. Yuri got in contact because he wanted to let the distance skating world know about what is going on in Brazil. Here is his story.


Hi, my name is Yuri Santos and I’m the creator and organiser of the LDP-Rio Community in Brazil. Ours is the only community in the world with exclusive authoral content in Brazilian Portuguese. This is our story, hope you enjoy it:

It all started as a blog in late 2012, as I was returning to skateboarding after 7 years away. One day returning from work something inside me just flipped a switch, “hey I think I’ll try longboarding, seems nice, let’s see how much it costs…”. I got out of the bus in front of a famous skate shop and assembled a longboard. Fully suited after work, I went home pushing 4 miles. Arrived dripping sweat, but had forgotten all the stress from that day’s work.

After that naturally I started reading about more and more about the many possibilities of longboard and was starting to search for the pump, instinctively. Since I hated my job at the time, it gave me a lot of time to do my research. After a couple months I landed on Pavedwave and it blew my mind! Every day I went back to where I stopped and kept reading, and reading and reading…I couldn’t get enough of it. Still cant.

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Familia Winter Challenge : 2 stage (Long distance pushing)

Last weekend a push race was organised in the French town of Grenoble by La Familia. In the end the race was 13 km with each rider leaving 30 seconds after the first to ensure that everyone had an equal chance of a good start on the narrow track. Here are the results: 1 Thib: 37min 05s 2 Jules: 38min 07s 3 Adi: 39min 01s … Continue reading Familia Winter Challenge : 2 stage (Long distance pushing)

Big Scary Push

CHICAGO LONGBOARD SOCIETY PRESENTS: THE BIG SCARY PUSH! Chicago, Illinois – Chicago Longboard Society is pushing head first in to the world of Long Distance Push Races with character. Literally, with characters – The Big Scary Push is a Halloween themed 8.8 mile costume push race through Chicago’s Humbolt Park. The race is happening on Sunday October 30th   at 11:00 am, regardless of weather.  Racers will … Continue reading Big Scary Push

Interview – Broadway Bomb by Katie Fry

3rd place finisher in this years Broadway Bomb Katie Fry hits up Skatefurther with an exclusive write-up! Katie is sponsored by the wonderful Holesom Longboards.

The most anticipated event of the NYC Push Scene was held with a record breaking number of participants estimated around 1,500. Starting at 116th street in Harlem, skaters pushed down Broadway completely shutting down pedestrian and vehicular traffic for 8.5 miles.

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