And there I rode. It was about 10:30 in the morning when I sat in my car thinking to myself: “Let’s do this!” RACE DAY, an event organized by Thomas Slager, has come upon us. It was the 27th of September. At about eleven in the morning I was the first to arrive at theContinue reading “Race – RACE DAY”

Familia Winter Challenge : 2 stage (Long distance pushing)

Last weekend a push race was organised in the French town of Grenoble by La Familia. In the end the race was 13 km with each rider leaving 30 seconds after the first to ensure that everyone had an equal chance of a good start on the narrow track. Here are the results: 1 Thib:Continue reading “Familia Winter Challenge : 2 stage (Long distance pushing)”

Interview – Broadway Bomb by Katie Fry

3rd place finisher in this years Broadway Bomb Katie Fry hits up Skatefurther with an exclusive write-up! Katie is sponsored by the wonderful Holesom Longboards. The most anticipated event of the NYC Push Scene was held with a record breaking number of participants estimated around 1,500. Starting at 116th street in Harlem, skaters pushed downContinue reading “Interview – Broadway Bomb by Katie Fry”