Skatefurther presents…

Forum member Laura is honing her video editing skills… In a meeting of downhill racers and distance pacers, a deserted business park near Plymouth saw forum members Laura, Matt, and JJ along with good friend Charlie and Rich get on down with their bad selves. This video is the result. Please excuse the quality –Continue reading “Skatefurther presents…”

R.O.G.U.E. 3 Edmonton Push Race

Paul Kent came away with a win at this years R.O.G.U.E. race in Edmonton, Canada. His winning time of 52:53 was an amazing improvement on last years win. The 21km race course features a beautifully paved trail system that winds and twists it’s way through heart of the city of Edmonton like a rollercoaster. ItContinue reading “R.O.G.U.E. 3 Edmonton Push Race”

UK Push Race Series – Margate RESULTS!

Race report from event organiser and Skatefurther forum member Gav. One fine Sunday in July, a small group of skaters gathered in a beach side car park in Margate to race the first ever UK push race. Members of 3 different longboarding crews were present with the local area well represented by Thanet Dogtown andContinue reading “UK Push Race Series – Margate RESULTS!”

UK Push Race Series – Margate

Here it is! The first official push race in the UK? We think so. And because of this Skatefurther have helped to sponsor the event. The Margate Push Race is being run by Thanet Dogtown and Longboard and is also being jointly sponsored by Dangerous Decks. As it is such a momentus occasion SkatefurtherContinue reading “UK Push Race Series – Margate”