Eastbourne Downhill 2009

As well as a tonne of Canadian push race action going down, we had a fair old bit going down on our own shores this weekend. The Eastbourne IGSA World Cup 2009 hit town and some of the Skatefurther crew were there to take part, take it all in and get stoked.

Skatefurther team member Laura travelled up from Plymouth with “Marathon” Matt Elver, the wickedly fast JJ Tighe, and members from the Liquid Boards team to spend 4 days camping and skating at the Beachy Head course.

Skatefurther forum member Len skated 15 miles to get to the event, with only a backpack, sleeping bag and no tent – fortunately he was housed quickly, and joined in the festivities! Alex (kornrocks) and Gav (gavmck) performed their duties as race marshals astutely, and kept the corners safe for spectators and riders alike.

Matt and JJ reached the juniors consolation finals, with Skatefurther friend and XSS skater Kim Edwards coming away with a 3rd in the womens race, making her the British Women’s Downhill Champion – congratulations Kim!

Whilst Laura watched everyone skating in the day (too late for freeride registration and no leathers), she slalomed in the evening under the expert tuition of Michael Stride from Octane Sports, and documented the whole thing for everyone.

The support for the juniors at Eastbourne this year was tremendous, and everyone pushed themselves to achieve their best times, gradually progressing each day until by the end, they were comfortable with the speed and the hill. A real learning curve, or hairpin!!

Well done to everyone who took part, and to Dangerous Decks for providing the best campsite social spot. See you next year everyone!!!

Check out Laura’s photos of the event here.

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