Holy CR@P!! Videos!

Seeing as we have finally got off our butt to enable videos (same goes for all the Skatefurther journals too!!) we would start with what is probably our most favourite. Rob, we salute you and all that you have done for distance skating.

4 thoughts on “Holy CR@P!! Videos!

  1. I stand and salute you sir – Rob Thomson, one of the finest self-propelled humans I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know. Your trip inspired me to skate far, live big, and see through. Awesome 😀 xxx

  2. Thanks for posting this Nat. To be honest it’s only now, almost a year (!!!) after finishing the trip, that I am starting to be able to appreciate the journey again. It has been a massive road of inward and outward reflection since then, and I must get around to writing up some thoughts to share with everyone.

    What I will say without reservation, is that a self-propelled journey, no matter how long or short, will change a person for the better. Encounters with humanity, encounters with the elements, and most of all encounters with oneself; all these things will break a person much like working out breaks muscle. As the person slowly heals and is repaired from the inside out, that person will find that they are, just like working out, stronger than they were before.

    Hardship breeds appreciation, and I thank God for the glorious privelidge as a rich Westerner* to be able to choose hardship over comfort purely for our own growth.

    So a huuuuge thanks to Skatefurther.com again and again. Without this community I would have given up.

    Community is good.

    Go skate.


    * If you are reading this right now, then you too are one of the few ultra-rich citizens of this earth.

  3. rob you are such a champ man. im so glad i came across your website first when i was wondering if skating across the US was even possible. you made it happen. but i gotta say man, you are so calm when you got to california. i keep trying to picture how its gonna be when i get there. i picture myself jumping and scream and then sprinting to the water to get a dive
    mad respect to you man
    mad respect

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