Exile MFG ‘Snail buster’ mudflaps

We have been keeping an eye on Exile MFG for a while now, they make rad brackets, rear trucks and now, to solve the issues with rain and snails, have started producing mudflaps. Made of carbon and designed to fit around any bracket system, the €35 mudflap is a think of pure beauty. The Exile MFG … Continue reading Exile MFG ‘Snail buster’ mudflaps


Forum – IFR Mudflaps

As distance skating becomes more and more popular, the range and availability of top quality products specifically designed to improve the way we skate rises. Sometimes all it takes is someone with an idea to change the game. IFR is doing it with mudflaps. Homemade mudflaps have been around for a long time, LBL upped … Continue reading Forum – IFR Mudflaps

Review – Ekick Torpedo Lights

Steven Skogging Meketa gives us a review of the Ekick Torpedo Lights Mark IV Hey pushers, it seems that the skateboarding market is flooded with a lot of good product ideas and some not so great. Here is the good news!!!!! Ekick Tech “Torpedo Lights” fall under the amazing category in this Skoggers opinion. I commute to … Continue reading Review – Ekick Torpedo Lights

Info – Push Teaser 2016

Jack Smith is at it again, this time working with Filmmaker Robb Albrecht to create a documentary about the history of long distance skateboarding. Something we here at Skatefurther are very excited about. Watch this space for more. Push Teaser - Spring 2016 from Robb Albrecht on Vimeo.