Review – Ekick Torpedo Lights

Steven Skogging Meketa gives us a review of the Ekick Torpedo Lights Mark IV


Hey pushers, it seems that the skateboarding market is flooded with a lot of good product ideas and some not so great. Here is the good news!!!!! Ekick Tech “Torpedo Lights” fall under the amazing category in this Skoggers opinion.

I commute to work daily via my skogging board. When I leave for work around 4:30 am it is pitch black outside. It is also worth noting that we reside in a rural spot in Southern California so the majority of the lights that I see on my morning skog are from cars, trucks and public transportation buses. All of the mentioned are NOT looking for me skogging to work. Traffic is one aspect of danger one deals with while skogging/skating at night and or early am, other obstacles are those pesky rocks and debris that are everywhere. Arming your board with Ekicks lights allows vehicles see you while pushing, also you the pusher can see rocks and debris prior to your wheels finding them and you hear that alarming loud sound of your wheels stopping and you inevitably eat your teeth.

I find that the Ekick lights are very well made and the LED lights shine the perfect distance. I generally can see 7 to 8 feet in front of me. I have had co workers come up to meand tell me that the lights look rad but moreover they SAW me while skogging on my way in. And that is the reason for the deal in the first place!!!! Being seen by drives is the draw!!

In my opinion this is one the best skateboard/longboard/skogging board inventions that has come out in years. I have heard/read people stating that they use a flash light strapped to their boards or other home remedies. To that I say right tool for right job. The Ekick Tech “Torpedo Lights” are designed to mount to all skateboards and the mounting/set up is huge. You put the lights on and you are done. No constant adjustments , no rattling and definitely no flickering of the lights, which could be more distracting that random objects in one’s path.

I give these lights an A+++ and they do NOT come off my board. They are as important as the trucks and wheels… To me.

Steven Meketa, Your Friendly Neighborhood Skogger.



You can find out all the tech details on the Ekick website and visit their kickstarter if you want the goods! For more information of skogging, visit

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