Competition – Harfangatang Giveaway

Competition time!

We have hooked up with the good folks at Harfang and Orangatang to do a review of their Stage 4 cut Kegel. We are currently getting them tested by pushers and LDPers across the globe and will give you our full review soon. Meanwhile, Orangatang kindly slipped in an extra set of wheels for us and we are going to give them away!

We thought about getting you to like our instagram and share the photo and all that stuff but we actually value your opinion rather than your likes and clicks. So all you have to do is write a review for SkateFurther. It helps you because you could win the wheels and it helps us because we will get genuine reviews by people skating further – the reviews that count.

Maybe you have just got a new tent, some sweet wheels or have found a rad product that works for you on your overnight hoboskates. Tell us what you think about it. There is no criteria apart from the fact that you need to have really reviewed it and that you email the review to by the 30th October 2016 with all relevant links etc.

Good luck and SkateFurther!
kegel-comporangatang Harfang-Wheels-1000x233-Performance-inverted


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