Distance training!

With Winter finally loosening it’s icy grip on the northern hemisphere, skaters of all kinds are starting to come out like a spring bloom to make the most first dry roads seen for a good while. March sees the first crop of distance events and with them many skaters will feel the need to start a little training. Skatefurther is here to help!

For starters, check out the Health and Fitness section of the forum. It contains some tasty nuggets of information whether you’re training for you first race or are a seasoned distance ninja looking for something different. We also recently stumbled on a great blog called Luchaskate where the blog’s owner Dave is describing his training sessions from a personal point of view in preparation for a half marathon. It’s a good stoke-inducing read about (re)discovering the joys of distance skating.

Obviously, training for anything usually has an aim (winning, being faster, etc) but remember that skating should always about getting your fix of stoke!

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