Familia Winter Challenge : 2 stage (Long distance pushing)

Last weekend a push race was organised in the French town of Grenoble by La Familia.

In the end the race was 13 km with each rider leaving 30 seconds after the first to ensure that everyone had an equal chance of a good start on the narrow track. Here are the results:

1 Thib: 37min 05s
2 Jules: 38min 07s
3 Adi: 39min 01s
4 Gambite: 39min 11s
5 Pauca: 41min 44s
6 Chacha: 43min 11s
7 Girafe: 51min 03s
8 Fab: 52min 40s
9 Fred: 56min 39s
10 Crazititi: 1h 01min 18s
11 Laure: 1h 10min 00s
12 Sandrine: 1h 12min 37s

This race was the 2nd stage of 3 in the ‘Familia Winter Challenge’ which aims to mix disciplines and help pass the winter blues. Well done guys!

Look out for another event called ‘Icy Annecy’ organised by the winner of this event Thib Le Guen, which is planned to take place early March along lake Annecy. For more information visit the event’s Facebook page.

Remember: You can get in touch with us if you would like us to promote your event.

3 thoughts on “Familia Winter Challenge : 2 stage (Long distance pushing)

  1. im very interested in long distance skating and would like to have a marathon in Texas but i have no were to start from if some one could pleas help point me in the right direction it would be greatly and truly appreciated

    1. There was a marathon in Plano, Texas last year as part of the Adrenalina world tour… perhaps get in touch with the organiser Joner Straus and see maybe bouce a few ideas off him. I’m also sure that he would have some useful contacts for you too. Come and talk about it on the forum if you’ve not joined already!

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