Be a founder of The Skateboarder’s Journal

We here at skatefurther are super stoked about The Skateboarder’s Journal. ‘Lives on Board’ was a amazing book (buy it here) with loads of truly inspiring stories about skating in all its forms. There was a great section about distance skating and the promo video for ‘Be a founder of The Skateboarder’s Journal‘ features a fewContinue reading “Be a founder of The Skateboarder’s Journal”


So, just thought we’d let you guys know about our new logo. A few months ago we entered into a competition from Enquire Design. We won and got ourselves a rad new logo and a heap of business cards. The logo will be gracing stickers and t-shirts the world over and our team members inContinue reading “New.”

The 1st Longboard Stage Race, ever!

This is no cruise in the park, but a greuling 3 day, 180m (289km) longboarding stage race, which will also raise money for Charity : water. Aptly named the The Chief Ladiga Silver Comet Sk8 Challenge 2011 the race is  designed on the same platform as a bicycle stage race like the Tour de France.Continue reading “The 1st Longboard Stage Race, ever!”

Episode 14 : Canadian Friends and the Break Up

Waking up at 4:30am to beat the traffic into La Paz was slow going and paid a toll on our lungs. Inhaling smog and dodging Traffic we make it into La Paz, Bolivia alive and enjoy empanadas. There we spend 5 days chilling out, eating good food, climbing roofs and venturing around with our Canadian ladyContinue reading “Episode 14 : Canadian Friends and the Break Up”