Info – Skatefurther T-shirts.

Are here! We have hooked up with Spreadshirt and got a whole bunch for you! We have put up t-shirts with our rad new logo in various forms, forum member Len’s wicked rocket design and the classic Indigenous Industries designed graphic. Which, as you can see by the pictures below is only worn by distanceContinue reading “Info – Skatefurther T-shirts.”

Be a founder of The Skateboarder’s Journal

We here at skatefurther are super stoked about The Skateboarder’s Journal. ‘Lives on Board’ was a amazing book (buy it here) with loads of truly inspiring stories about skating in all its forms. There was a great section about distance skating and the promo video for ‘Be a founder of The Skateboarder’s Journal‘ features a fewContinue reading “Be a founder of The Skateboarder’s Journal”


So, just thought we’d let you guys know about our new logo. A few months ago we entered into a competition from Enquire Design. We won and got ourselves a rad new logo and a heap of business cards. The logo will be gracing stickers and t-shirts the world over and our team members inContinue reading “New.”

The 1st Longboard Stage Race, ever!

This is no cruise in the park, but a greuling 3 day, 180m (289km) longboarding stage race, which will also raise money for Charity : water. Aptly named the The Chief Ladiga Silver Comet Sk8 Challenge 2011 the race is  designed on the same platform as a bicycle stage race like the Tour de France.Continue reading “The 1st Longboard Stage Race, ever!”

Episode 14 : Canadian Friends and the Break Up

Waking up at 4:30am to beat the traffic into La Paz was slow going and paid a toll on our lungs. Inhaling smog and dodging Traffic we make it into La Paz, Bolivia alive and enjoy empanadas. There we spend 5 days chilling out, eating good food, climbing roofs and venturing around with our Canadian ladyContinue reading “Episode 14 : Canadian Friends and the Break Up”