Long Treks Morocco: Episode 1

We here at skatefurther as so, so very stoked that we finally get to see the first installment of the next chapter of Longtreks journeys. This time Adam, Paul and Aaron take on Morocco. We all followed this journey closely and know how it ends, but still it makes unmissable viewing.

3 Longboarders, Paul, Aaron, and Adam welcome you to follow their journey through the Maghreb, in other words, the last country in the Arabic world to receive sunlight.

In Casablanca the three reunite to embark on a 2000 km journey by longboard. After their first trip through Peru and Bolivia, they discovered their love for the open road together. These three high-energy individuals are all about to get a taste of Africa, and a part of the world they’ve all never experienced before.

The best part?  New episodes will be released every 3 weeks from now on. Watch skatefurther.com for the latest.

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