Boarding for Bipolar.

We are so stoked that the UK distance scene is getting bigger. We are even more stoked when events go out to spread awareness and raise money. Check out Boarding for Bipolar.

Mark Tulloch and The Windmill team are organising a charity long board skate from Clapham Common to Brighton beach on Saturday 20th of August 2011. The skate is to raise money and awareness for The Bipolar Organisation
Mark has been living with bipolar since 2003 and with his team at The Windmill would like to raise as much money for research as possible as well as put himself out there as a strong example of someone that does not let bipolar stop him from living life as positively and fully as possible.

You can donate now on the following link-​BoardingforBipolar
You can find out more on their Facebook event page or get in contact with Mark or Hannah at:

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