Push More, Drive Less.

Almost one third of the carbon dioxide produced in the United States comes from our cars, trucks and airplanes. There are many simple, practical things you can do to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide you produce while on the move. One of which is: Reduce the number of miles you drive by skateboarding whereverContinue reading “Push More, Drive Less.”

John O’Groats – Lands End UPDATE 3

This just in from Tom who is driving the support vehicle for Ben Colchester-Hall’s attempt at the John O’Groats to Land’s End skate record. Howdy all, update number three here. Its late evening of day 17 as I write this, and we are currently in Bristol. In the intervening days since you were last informed of Bens where-aboutsContinue reading “John O’Groats – Lands End UPDATE 3”