The wrong way home

From the 4th – 7th of September, Gav and Mark, 2 web developers from Holiday Extras will be attempting to get back from Brighton to Canterbury in 4 days for the Alzheimer’s Society. This WOULD be an easy task in a car or even on a bike, but they’ve decided to make life interesting by doing it on skateboards… and going the WRONG WAY. Gav and Mark will be heading out round the coast to Whitstable before cutting in to the home straight back to Canterbury, a journey totaling over 150 miles.

While you think of them, blistered and aching as they make their way along, take a moment to donate some money to their cause. Alzheimer’s is a terrible debilitating disease that no one should have to suffer and everything we can do makes a difference.

You can keep up to date with whats going down on the skatefurther forum, on the Canterballs Longboarding page and on their facebook page. This is just the beginning, keep your eye on the forum for more and bigger trips!

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