Goodwood Roller Marathon

It’s almost here!! 26 and a bit miles on the smoothest surface surrounded by hundreds of inliners? Just days away, this years Goodwood Marathon on the 9th August. This event has been going for a while and skateboarder’s have been to the last two. It’s a really good day and well organised by Dan at Camberly Skaters.

Last years event was hampered by windy conditions so Skatefurther founder Nat Halliday’s record from 2007 of 2hours 1 minute still stands strong! (sorry Ben!)

Goodwood home straight

The joy of this event is that you can skate as much or as little as you want, every lap gets recorded by microchip and all your results, as well as photos and a video of your finish are displayed on the Goodwood website. All the money raised goes to the NSPCC (over £9,000 last year!) and there are already 444 people signed up for this year.

How far do you want to skate?

Name # Laps Miles Kilometers
Dual 22 53.24 85.68
Full 11 26.62 42.84
Midi 5 12.10 19.47
Mini 2 4.84 7.74

You can sign up for the event on their website, become a fan on the Facebook page or follow the news on Twitter! Keep up to date with all the goings on on the skatefurther forum. So far there are 21 skateboarders attending. It’s going to be an awesome day. See you there!

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