John O’Groats – Lands End UPDATE 3

This just in from Tom who is driving the support vehicle for Ben Colchester-Hall’s attempt at the John O’Groats to Land’s End skate record.

Howdy all, update number three here. Its late evening of day 17 as I write this, and we are currently in Bristol. In the intervening days since you were last informed of Bens where-abouts he has blasted down the welsh borders, staying on night 15 at a coach depot in Cardington, then hammering on south through Hereford to Monmouth last night. He is staying in North Bristol tonight and aiming to hit Taunton tomorrow. He is currently aiming to reach Lands End within the next four to six days.

This last few days hasnt been without drama, Car trouble reared its head, and over the last 2 days the support vehice has changed more than once. He has now reached the end of his bearings, having ridden the Bones Reds from the out of this trip they are now siezed solid, and will be spending some time sorting out his board before its in a skateable state tomorrow morning.

For the last week we have been experimenting with the use of the support vehicle, and have settled on distance support, so ben skates with sustainance on his back, and meets with the support vehicle every 20miles or so. A full support vehicle article will be being written up concering this and other trips, so watch this space.

Trivia – The current JOGLE record was set last year by Ben Stiff and stands at 28 days. The previous record belonged to Dave Cornthwaite: 34 days which was set before Board Free Oz.

You can keep up to date with Ben’s progress on the forum and see how he is doing with the route MAP

5 thoughts on “John O’Groats – Lands End UPDATE 3

  1. Go Ben! Thanks for visiting my blogspot and leaving a comment. I have been trying to find you after learning of your attempt. Now you have another follower and I wish you every success. I just wish I could be there to greet you in! I love hearing how folk attempt the End to End by whatever means, you know I am joking about the madness and it is amazing at what you are doing.

    All the best, the record is closing in.



  2. Hi Ben. Really gutted to hear about your accident. Hope all is well soon and you reach Lands End. Is it cool to turn up at Lands End in a sling?! At least it shows your undoubted committment. A lot of folk have been asking about you. As you say there is always next year and you know the record is well within your grasp. I’ll be following! Might see you on the road in the South West when down from Scotland visiting relatives some time? Inside Home Park? or is that taking it too far now!!



  3. Hey Ben!! Ok so sounds a bit strange but my grandad met you on your travels as you passed through North-Petherton 😀 he passes on a hello and hopes you had a safe journey!

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