The Misfits Marathon

The Misfits International Skate Crew are hosting the Misfits Marathon in 2 days at the Crazy Triangle! We know this event will be amazing – any event that gets a pizza sponsor has to be! Simply the best ! The IDSA sanctioned MISFITS CRAZY TRIANGLE MARATHON is ready to host you this Saturday in BredaContinue reading “The Misfits Marathon”

Why we Ladiga 2018

An awesome insight by Carlos Montalvo into the race that is The Chief Ladiga Silver Comet Skateboard Challenge. This year’s results: 2018 OVERALL Times/Positions 3 Days- 188 Miles 1 Joe Mazzone 13:42:05 2 Kyle Yan 13:59:23 3 Matthew Phillips 13:59:29 4 JJ Cobb 14:49:16 5 Max Frank 15:06:40 6 Jude Breaux 16:18:41 7 Ehren Mohammadi 16:49:46Continue reading “Why we Ladiga 2018”

Salado Creek Push Race

Insanity Boardshop  – huge supporters of distance skating in the US – are hosting the The Salado Creek Push race Series in San Antonio, Texas on the 21st April. Shop owner Ehren is an active member of the distance community (read his great review on the Bern Allston Helmet here!) and it is great to seeContinue reading “Salado Creek Push Race”

Event – New Zealand Ultraskate

New Zealand has now been host to 2 ultraskates; 2011 and 2015. With a change in venue, season and organisers it is back for 2017. Ultraskate New Zealand is the 3rd Ultra booked in for 2017 and joins the US and Dutch ultras. The 2015 Ultra saw skaters from as far as the US andContinue reading “Event – New Zealand Ultraskate”

Race – Vandra do an Ultraskate

So, I’m no distance jock! I like my journeys to be about discovering new places, new people and, er, beer. As much as I’d love to join in, I don’t think I’d have the patience or the back strength for an Ultraskate. Fortunately, our friends from the Ultracool Vandra Skateboards have summed up what I’mContinue reading “Race – Vandra do an Ultraskate”

Event – Miami UltraSkate 2016

We’ve been silently building up to this years Miami UltraSkate 2016 and the results are in!!! Firstly, a massive shout out to every single set of feet that pressed the Tarmac this year! A mammoth effort was made by all from the IDSA to those that didn’t quite make the finishing line. Competitors flew inContinue reading “Event – Miami UltraSkate 2016”