Salado Creek Push Race


Insanity Boardshop  – huge supporters of distance skating in the US – are hosting the The Salado Creek Push race Series in San Antonio, Texas on the 21st April. Shop owner Ehren is an active member of the distance community (read his great review on the Bern Allston Helmet here!) and it is great to see him pushing events as well as racing in them.

We will be doing two separate push races. One that stretches 2.5mi each way. and one that stretches 5mi each way and back.

This is how you get skaters out doing distance; family-friendly push race events doing good things for the community. Keep it up Insanity!

To find out more about the Salado Push race, visit the event fb page. Don’t forget to show Insanity Booardshop some love too!