Younger & Further

Skatefurther’s Nat got to sit down (well everyone was sitting but in different hemispheres! ) and chat with Jasper and Eliah, just 2 of the 6 members of the ‘Younger & Further’ distance skating team to find out a bit more about them, what they are up to and what they have planned.

SF: Hi guys! First of all, introduce yourself and let us know what got you into skating distance?

Jasper: Well we have Eliah (16), Emma (17), Natalie (19), Philip (18), Bram (18) and me, Jasper (18).


Eliah: I started Distance skating at the 6 hours race in Utrecht. I was into freestyle before, but I never realised I was so good at ldp. And then everything evolved really quickly and now I am completely sold on ldp…

Jasper: Myself, I got into distance skating due to the fact that I wanted a new set of bearings for my Riviera cruiser, and thought that the skate shop was closer than it actually was! It turned out that I skated 32k. Got stoked, chopped my riviera into a bracket setup and skated 72km at the quarter ultra in 2016. The rest is history..


SF: 6 of you is pretty epic. Do you all live in the same place?

Eliah: Emma/Natallie are from Konstanz, South Germany, I think. Jasper is from Breda/Amsterdam, Netherlands, Bram is from Groningen, Netherlands, I think, Phillip is from Denmark and I am from Recklinghausen, Germany (North-Rhein-Westfalia)

Jasper: No, we actually are quite scattered around Europe. Philip lives in Denmark, Eliah lives in middle-west germany, Natalie and Emma live in south west Germany close to the Swiss border and Bram and I are from Holland.

SF: From all over the place! So how did you ‘form’ as a group? Did you all meet at an event?

Eliah: Pure randomness!

SF: The magic of the internet, huh!

Jasper: Eliah and I talked briefly at the 2017 quarter ultra in Utrecht, 2 weeks after that I sent Eliah an Instagram dm with my idea to start this project . After that we invited Philip, who invited Bram, and Eliah invited the girls!

Eliah: And then everything got out of control, I guess…

SF: So what have you been up to recently?

Jasper: For now we aren’t up to anything much. We are busy preparing for the Ultraskate, in which half of us will compete. Most of the time we are just joking around, complaining about exam weeks and geeking about gear! Natalie is also currently building her own platform which is quite cool! Furthermore, we are busy getting a proper logo up, since our old one was taken out by copyright (due to a stubborn me and google images!)

Elijah: If everything works fine, you could expect a sick looking logo in the near future!

SF: So you have a crew, a logo in the works… what next? Any race plans?

Eliah: The current plan: skate, have fun and bring kids into LDP. And push young talents like Sierra Porter. (Shout out at this point!)

Jasper: Nope, for me the Ultraskate in July,  probably competing in the Misfits Marathon in the end of August and for the biggest part: promoting the sport! Getting more youngsters into distance skating!

SF: How often do you get out skating?

Eliah: I try to skate 100km a month, so twice a week…

Jasper: Not enough to be honest. I am in my final exam year from high school, plus I have a job to pay for such an expensive hobby like LDP. I try to skate at least once a week though!

Eliah: But now I had two weeks of vacation, so I skated 160km.

Jasper: Plus the weather in 2018 sucked ass for the most part here in northern Europe.

SF: Tell us about your setups. What are you rolling on?

Jasper: Haha, proud to say that I probably have one of the sexiest setups in Europe! Especially after installing the euphoria and the exile carbon snail buster! It’s a Rocket longboards Exodus, set up with the G|bomb S-fork, Don’t-trip Euphoria and an Exile Snailbuster in front, and a G|bomb TT-s in the rear. For wheels I’m riding the Seismic 77mm clear urethane formula speed vents in blue and purple.

jasper setup

Eliah: I have two setups – a 1166 chopped Pacemaker with Beernett, Randal and Otang Kegel split duro and a Leander ‘Rohrdommel’ with S-fork and Beernett/ Exile and Surf Rodz, TT-S and Kegel split duro.


SF: what would be your top tips for anyone wanting to get into distance skating?

Eliah: Just go out and skate as often as you can. Your confidence and pace will evolve. Don’t make the same mistake I did – DON‘T buy cheap parts to start. Fuelling is important as well: a huge portion fries or something similar during or before skating is a bad idea… and please drink enough…and then – just go out and enjoy what you are doing…

Jasper: Tips voor n00bs: go out, have fun, go further!

SF: We are so stoked to see younger skaters like you guys  getting into distance skating and can’t wait to hear about what you get up to in the future. Where can people find out more about you and keep an eye on your exploits!

Eliah: Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Season is just starting…

Jasper: #skatefurther!

Eliah: #youngerandfurther!

SF: Any last shout outs?

Eliah: Thanks to Leander longboards for your help and ideas.
A huge shoutout to all Distance youngsters out there. Keep on pushing. Especially Sierra Porter.

SF: Cheers guys, it was awesome to chat to you. Hope to hear from you soon!