Product – G|Bomb Torsion Tail

G|Bomb have always led the way with the bracket system for your boards. This is the latest – The Torsion Tail.

Introducing our G|Bomb Torsion Tail. The new patent pending design integrates zero degree truck performance, and a lively spring return, into the structure of the board. By eliminating the traditional rear truck and deck support, the design offers significant weight savings, improved performance, and our trademark low platform height.

We really like the idea of the trailing rear for LDP. If you have got a G|Bomb Chop that you want to share, head over to our forum thread and join the conversation. If you fancy getting hold of one of these then hit up Mark at G|Bomb or leave a message on their Facebook page.

6 thoughts on “Product – G|Bomb Torsion Tail

  1. I’m all in – hit me up when they are ready to ship! Thanks, Mark! Love all you do at G|Bomb!

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