Journey – The Long Push To Ibiza

OLDtrickNEWheaderSkinny_1Recently popped up on our radar is a guy by the name of ControversialMike. Seems he’s another one to fall victim to the blight of “good ole’Blighty” so he’s quit the grey days and is chasing his youth by heading to Ibiza, from the UK.

The trip has been a year in the making and it look like it’s been a rolercoaster of a ride. You see, Mike didn’t know anything about long distance skating, assuming he was the only one stupid enough to consider it a viable option. He was planning on using his 20yr old vert set up originally! Seems he just want to go back to Ibiza and to get back on his board. Can he evenskate still? Well, the last few months have been a steep learning curve and having stepped on a longboard for the first time only 2 months ago, so far his training has left him immobile with a back injury, he’s only just got back up on his feet and he’s already hitting 30mph downhill sessions in preparation for what is turning out to be somewhat of ridiculous undertaking.

– 2000+km from Brighton Pier to France and following the Atlantic coastline all the way round to Spain, then across the Pyrenean Mountain range to Barcelona and onto a ferry to Ibiza.
– 50-60 days
– Shoestring budget
– Limited talent
– Already injured before push off

… I think the term “self supported” might be a little optimistic for this one, let’s just say, “solo” and keep our fingers crossed he makes it there in one piece and return with some great stories for us.

Push off is 30th July at 11am GMT.

His site is well worth a visit! He’s blogging regularly and he’s even running a competition for some tasty free kit for those willing to pitch in and help spread the word. Stop by and let him know that we’re routing for him… I’m guessing he’s going to need the support!

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