Journey – Skate For Hope

Tobes Chapps is setting himself a goal of skateboarding across New Zealand to raise awareness about mental health issues with the hope of changing lives. Supported by some heavy hitters in the skateboard industry Tobes will be taking his Street Plant boards from Cape Reinga at the top of New Zealand to Bluff at the very bottom. Thats just over 2000km.

I realised that i could use skateboarding as a vehicle to not only spread hope but also raise awareness about depression and other mental health issues in New Zealand, as well as raise funds for organisations who help people deal with these issues. I want to create a dialogue amongst all people who have mental health issues and all those who don’t, to educate, to break stigma’s, to provide resources,  and to reach those who are so often afraid to  open up, on a level that they can relate to, the lost, the outcast, the forgotten and the overlooked. This is Skate For Hope.

You can keep up to date with the latest news by visiting the fantastic Skate For Hope Website or via the Skate For Hope Facebook page.

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