Event – Miami UltraSkate 2016

We’ve been silently building up to this years Miami UltraSkate 2016 and the results are in!!! Firstly, a massive shout out to every single set of feet that pressed the Tarmac this year! A mammoth effort was made by all from the IDSA to those that didn’t quite make the finishing line. Competitors flew inContinue reading “Event – Miami UltraSkate 2016”

Info – The SkateFurther Photo Competition

Welcome to the first annual Long Distance Skateboarding Photo Competition Every year, we do some pretty amazing shit. Some of us have thousands of bucks worth of gear and travel to the far reaches of the globe to where no man has rolled before, others just have a beaten up old board a smelly sleepingContinue reading “Info – The SkateFurther Photo Competition”