Event – Miami UltraSkate 2016

miami ultraskate 2016

We’ve been silently building up to this years Miami UltraSkate 2016 and the results are in!!!

Firstly, a massive shout out to every single set of feet that pressed the Tarmac this year! A mammoth effort was made by all from the IDSA to those that didn’t quite make the finishing line. Competitors flew in from all over with attendance figures at an all time high with over 90 riders in attendance. The sport is going from strength to strength. Just a shame we couldn’t afford to fly out and report from the grid itself.

So onto this years results:

A monumental achievement this year to say the least! Andrew Andras continues his tenancy of the top podium by pushing past the 300 mile mark with an extra 9.5 miles on top for good measure. He shares this exclusive membership with Eric Palmer who scooped a close second with 305m.

Click here for the full race results and rider times.

The devil child of James “PavedWave” Peters, UltraSkate is a little different from the usual events and journeys we follow here at SkateFurther – this is no picturesque push into the wilderness and cooking by the campfire, it’s a “Le Mans” style 24 hour endurance race which has now been hosted at various locations around the globe including the Netherlands, France, Canada and New Zealand. Returning this year to Homestead Miami Speedway, no matter where it’s held, it’s an event that sets records for the furthest distance pushed, pumped or paddled on a plank with 4 wheels. Only grab that cup of water if you know you can hold it in… there’s no time for toilet stops in this race if you intend to join the “200 mile club”.

First achieved in 2008 by James and a couple of others, this distance had been smashed by the end of the year with Paul Kent breaking the 250 mark, a record that stayed there for several years. Many now sport the “200 Mile” cap but the bar wasn’t raised until Miami 2013 where Andrew “la maquina” Andras pushed it up to 261 miles!…. in a single day. But Andras wasn’t content with it yet.
In 2014 he pushed this up to a staggering 283miles, sharing the Trophy handles with Rick Pronk last year when they both achieved 286miles at the Dutch Summer Solstice UltraSkate (where our very own Albert and Adrian both scored places in the top 10. Bravo chaps!!)

Search UltraSkate here on SkateFurther for previous event results and read up on the full history of UltraSkate over at PavedWave and the IDSA

Check out the action of the 2015 event on ISDAtv




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