Review – 1166 Pacemaker

thumbnailAlbert gives us the lowdown on a beautiful looking deck. The 1166 pacemaker.

It was about a week ago. Cruising the boulevard, a sunny sky blessing every meter I rolled. It was late afternoon and the temperature was still higher than we’re used to in our little country. This was the exact moment I saw two attractive young ladies trying to stay upright going downhill on rented “longboards”.

After teaching them a bit of the basics the reason to skate came up. What was meditative to me was training to them. Turns out they were surfers and they were told carving, pumping and cruising would help them train their legs and balance.

When they rode my board they were amazed by the smoothness. Just as I was and have been ever since it was sent to me. The moment I took it out of the box I held my breath. “This is where skating meets art.” is what I thought. My 1166 pacemaker had arrived. After tweaking the setup a bit I am now taking it literally everywhere. The beautiful glossy green veneer not only my bag and shows everyone the SkateFurther logo, it also protects this piece of art from the asphalt after I pump it with my full weight.

On the backside I equipped it with a 20 degree don’t trip. With the angle the board gives me and a single wedge pad it makes a super stable back truck. On the frontside I mounted a 45 degree don’t trip euphoria that has already eaten two sets of bushings but keeps me going even several hundreds of km’s later. All finished up with 85mm mango defcon Speedvents gives me the ride of a lifetime.

Now, at least a month later I am still stoked to take this board everywhere. Right out of the box (with the right setup, of course) it’s a great hybrid board that both pushes like a champ and pumps really smoothly. The slight amount of flex really makes it comfortable even fter a whole day of skating without stopping.

There are a few things that make this board unique. First of it’s the seemingly limitless strength it holds. I am a person to abuse my gear and then make it up to them by buying them a dinner, but the Pacemaker hasn’t cried once. It has some scratches but even after getting really wet it has no cracks, no delamination and still feels exactly the same as the first day.
Second it’s the shape. With a shape as unique as this one you can set it up as a hybrid board, but also just a straight pusher. What adds to that is how low it goes. So zero pressure on the knees, but also no contact with the asphalt when pumping it with force.

Lastly there is something that makes not only this board unique, but the entire brand. 1166 Longboards is run by Martin Schumacher who listens to your requests and feedback. Every board is hand made and sometimes he even gives little looks behind the scenes.

All in all I can not only recommend this amazing deck, but the company 1166 as a whole!

Keep on skating, people!




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