2018 Antidote Hurricane

Stoked to post up a great review by Jan-Willem Dee on the 2018 Antidote Longboards Hurricane. If you have a review you’d like to share – drop us a line! You can see all the other reviews by clicking the link above.  Time to post my first experiences with the new Antidote Hurricane model 2018. I will compare the new model with the 2017 model Hurricane which I … Continue reading 2018 Antidote Hurricane

Review – 1166 Pacemaker

thumbnailAlbert gives us the lowdown on a beautiful looking deck. The 1166 pacemaker.

It was about a week ago. Cruising the boulevard, a sunny sky blessing every meter I rolled. It was late afternoon and the temperature was still higher than we’re used to in our little country. This was the exact moment I saw two attractive young ladies trying to stay upright going downhill on rented “longboards”.

After teaching them a bit of the basics the reason to skate came up. What was meditative to me was training to them. Turns out they were surfers and they were told carving, pumping and cruising would help them train their legs and balance.

When they rode my board they were amazed by the smoothness. Just as I was and have been ever since it was sent to me. The moment I took it out of the box I held my breath. “This is where skating meets art.” is what I thought. My 1166 pacemaker had arrived. After tweaking the setup a bit I am now taking it literally everywhere. The beautiful glossy green veneer not only my bag and shows everyone the SkateFurther logo, it also protects this piece of art from the asphalt after I pump it with my full weight.

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Product Review – Pantheon Quest.

Skatefurther prides itself of getting great reviews, from people who have put the distance in on their boards. Kyle Yan and Harrison Tucker are just that. Here are their reviews of the Pantheon Quest for Skatefurther. Kyle Yan I’ve been riding the Pantheon quest since the summer of 2014 and have skated over 1000 miles on it. I have participated in numerous push races including … Continue reading Product Review – Pantheon Quest.

Product Review – Rayne Demonseed

SkateFurther Laura recently wrote a note on our Facebook page. Entitled ‘For the Love of The Demonseed’ it struck a nerve with many of us pushers. The demonseed is a true distance board. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a distance skater in possession of a Rayne Demonseed must be in want of a trail. I don’t quite know how a skateboarder of five … Continue reading Product Review – Rayne Demonseed

Longtreks Re-Release!

The 2011 re-release of the Long Treks Demonseed is HERE! Rayne Team Rider Paul Kent has been tweaking the design of the Demonseed over the past few years and to create the fastest, most efficient distance skating or commuting board ever made. This deck is an adaptation of the Rayne Demonseed but there are a slew of important changes to the design. The board is nimble, streamlined and lighter weight, this board will increase your pushing power while keeping you in control when things go down. Gnarly downhill’s are always a HUGE part or any true long distance skate or race, this board still has to be a formidable downhill machine. The board is designed to be used with 70-75mm wheels and is ideal with 170mm trucks or with 180mm trucks and inward set wheels such as inside out Orangatang Durians. To commemorate the end of the Long Treks Peru/ Bolivia video series and equip everone for a long summer of pushing we are releasing this very special deck to the public once again. Get them while you can, these boards are VERY limited and moving fast! Check it out at www.raynelongboards.com.

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LBL pusher 2.0

We are so fortunate here at skatefurther to have such a close link with so many distance skaters from around the globe, board builders interested in distance skating and forum members interested in ‘pushing’ distance skating as a form of transport, fitness or mild obsession. We all know Rob Thomspon from his epic, EPIC world record skate across Europe, the US and China. (just watch … Continue reading LBL pusher 2.0