SkateVenture update

Just had a bit of a chat with Troy from Skateventure: Southeast Asia. Looks like they have had a couple of days off earning some food and keep playing drums and guitar. They get back on the road tomorrow. Troy and Huw have skated over 200km in 23 days, got food poisoning, been put up in a 5* hotel and camped under mango trees!

Before They left Skatefurther had a bit of a chat with Troy and asked him a few questions.

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New Demonseed

Ok, so here at skatefurther, we like the Demonseed as a push deck. A lot. It is totally adaptable to almost every terrian, built to last and has travelled more miles across more countries than any other. Rayne has 3 versions of the deck; the standard DS, the Deelite and the LongTreks. Looks like they’ve gone and improved upon the standard DS. You can read … Continue reading New Demonseed

Review – Bustin Strike

Christopher Vallender, Skatefurther’s man in Europe has got himself a Bustin Strike and has written a comprehensive review in the eyes of a distance skater. Chris’s blog Here & there – Ici & là: European longboard adventures is worth a read and has some excellent reviews of gear and the adventures he gets up to. You can find out mor about Bustin on their website and through … Continue reading Review – Bustin Strike

Demonseed Deelite – 2009 Graphic

Don’t know if thisis official or not, but we have got the new graphics for the Rayne Demonseed Deelite! The Demonseed is fast becoming the standard for pushing distance. Strength, comfort and ability to be used for a variety of disciplines make it an awesome distance deck. Demonseeds have been used in trips across New Zealand, China the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and South America. … Continue reading Demonseed Deelite – 2009 Graphic

Demonseed Deelite – A review by Laura Hatwell

Direct from the Skatefurther forum, Laura Hatwell’s review of the Rayne Demonseed Deelite. Laura recently returned from her epic trip across Orkney, Sheltand and the Highlands of Scotland; ‘Perimeter:North Sea Skate‘ .She spent some time to sit down and give us her views of the Rayne Deemonseed Deelite. Enjoy.

Rayne’s Demonseed deck has been a popular shape with distance and downhill skaters worldwide for some time now. The blend of drop down, drop thru, and concave and stability seems to be a winner on numerous trips, at events and for good old-fashioned commuting too. Coupled with the fact that by utilising some neatly-fashioned Khiro rails and the right trucks you can drop the thing by up to a half inch, you’re looking at a seriously amazing beast.

But that’s just it…it’s a beast. A heavy one at that. I’m a tiny rider, 5 foot 2 inches and 130lbs at best. I’d been riding around on a regular Demonseed for nearly a year trying to keep up with the big boys but, inevitably, failing. Fortunately for me, I was able to rectify the situation this summer, when a Demonseed Deelite, a present for doing some work on a certain Peruvian skate trip website, dropped into my life, express delivery from Vancouver, Canada.

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