SkateVenture update

Just had a bit of a chat with Troy from Skateventure: Southeast Asia. Looks like they have had a couple of days off earning some food and keep playing drums and guitar. They get back on the road tomorrow. Troy and Huw have skated over 200km in 23 days, got food poisoning, been put upContinue reading “SkateVenture update”

Demonseed Deelite – 2009 Graphic

Don’t know if thisis official or not, but we have got the new graphics for the Rayne Demonseed Deelite! The Demonseed is fast becoming the standard for pushing distance. Strength, comfort and ability to be used for a variety of disciplines make it an awesome distance deck. Demonseeds have been used in trips across New Zealand,Continue reading “Demonseed Deelite – 2009 Graphic”

Demonseed Deelite – A review by Laura Hatwell

Direct from the Skatefurther forum, Laura Hatwell’s review of the Rayne Demonseed Deelite. Laura recently returned from her epic trip across Orkney, Sheltand and the Highlands of Scotland; ‘Perimeter:North Sea Skate‘ .She spent some time to sit down and give us her views of the Rayne Deemonseed Deelite. Enjoy. Rayne’s Demonseed deck has been aContinue reading “Demonseed Deelite – A review by Laura Hatwell”