Hallowe’en UK Ultraskate

Here at skatefurther we love hearing of different people skating further than they have before.  Jack, ably assisted by his mum Jo, recently supported the US Ultra skate here in the UK by skating 50 miles and raising money for a worthwhile cause. He also wrote a litte bit about the day.

In the autumn it’s all about the weather, whether to use a pushing deck or pumper that is!!

On the 30th of October I did a 50 mile skate for the National Autistic Society for the Paved Wave Ultraskate. It was wet so we decided to push. Then it dried out and we changed boards. On the day I personally preferred the Mermaid because it had good wheels and quite a lot of flex to cushion the bumpiness.

When we came to choosing the pushing decks I was in a bit of a pickle. I didn’t have any pushing decks to choose from. The ones my Mum and Dad had weren’t too low-down so we asked around and Dangerous Decks came to help with the DD pusher. The board was very nice with its drop down drop-through-ness.

Charity skating is a privilege because you feel good about it because you’re doing one of your favourite things ie: skateboarding and because you’re doing something for other people. I got about £200 for NAS.

I had top encouragement from my Mum, Dad and Paved Wave, cheers guys!!

3 thoughts on “Hallowe’en UK Ultraskate

  1. Hey that’s the way to go dude 🙂
    Me and my best buddy Jochem did a UltraSkate aswell! We went from Amsterdam to Middelburg with a minor detour ^^ with a total of 220km (about 137 mile) in 20 hours. I was riding a top-mount deck with an hight of 5,5 inch ^^ and paris 150. Never in my life i felt so broken, the pain went to all the way to the bones ^^. Well anyway, I wish you luck and hope you’ll skate further i humbly bow before you! 200 quid for charity! Awsome man!

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