Demonseed Deelite – 2009 Graphic

Don’t know if thisis official or not, but we have got the new graphics for the Rayne Demonseed Deelite! The Demonseed is fast becoming the standard for pushing distance. Strength, comfort and ability to be used for a variety of disciplines make it an awesome distance deck. Demonseeds have been used in trips across New Zealand, China the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and South America.
The Deelite version of the Demonseed is half the weight whilst still retaining all the things we love about it. The new graphics show a burning city. We like them. Expect more pics in the forum thread when the first one hits the UK this afternoon!!

 STOP PRESS!! Heres a wee pic of the first one in the UK. Thanks to forum member Winnersh.


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