Product Review – Pantheon Quest.

Skatefurther prides itself of getting great reviews, from people who have put the distance in on their boards. Kyle Yan and Harrison Tucker are just that. Here are their reviews of the Pantheon Quest for Skatefurther.

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Kyle Yan

10904145_10152759863507880_775631202_n I’ve been riding the Pantheon quest since the summer of 2014 and have skated over 1000 miles on it. I have participated in numerous push races including the Kick for Cancer on the schuylkill road, The 2014 Broadway Bomb, and the Putnam Challenge (50 miles).

My current setup on the quest includes 152mm Dont-Trip Trucks (55*front, 20* back) and 78mm Seismic Blast Waves (80a, 78a).

This 35 inch long, 9 inch wide, and 8 ply board makes the board very light. The “sweet spot” of the board is in the center of the board. If you are pushing mongo you can receive maximum return of energy from the flex of the board.

The 1 inch drop acts as a foot stop when going downhill. I’ve gone over 40 mph on the quest and have no problems with It. You can definitely feel the flex kick in, when riding over objects. I’ve had difficulties making sharp turns on the board when going downhill.

In my opinion, the Pantheon quest is a great deck for daily commuting, push races, long distance races and straight non-technical downhill races.

Harrison Tucker

10938933_782279125174816_125821899_oI’ve been pushing on the Pantheon Quest for quite a few months already. I’ve done multiple races on It. As well as some 50 and 100 mile skates.

The quest is a 8 ply, 35 inch board, with a 1 inch drop as well as a drop through. The quest is extremely low to the ground and can easily accommodate narrow trucks and large wheels. I’ve been riding my Quest with 154mm 55° front 20° rear Don’t Trip Poppys and 85mm 77a Defcon Seismic Speedvents. I’ve taken the Quest into some decently high speeds(around 40 mph) and didn’t have any issues with it. The concave is extremely comfortable but you still definitely know where your feet are.

Overall I definitely recommend the quest, and think it’s a great board for the racing, commuting, and long skate treks

Editors Note – We also love the fact that Pantheon is a family owned company (Jeff and Maribeth rule!) who have an amazingly positive approach to skateboarding, their lives, their family and their business. Show Pantheon some love by visiting their website and their facebook page. Tell them Skatefurther sent you!


Cheers guys! – if you have a product that you think deserves a review, drop us a line. We’d be stoked to hear from you.


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