LBL pusher 2.0

We are so fortunate here at skatefurther to have such a close link with so many distance skaters from around the globe, board builders interested in distance skating and forum members interested in ‘pushing’ distance skating as a form of transport, fitness or mild obsession.

We all know Rob Thomspon from his epic, EPIC world record skate across Europe, the US and China. (just watch the 2nd video over there >>) Rob worked hard with Larry from LBL to design a deck and hitch set-up for towing a trailer. He is going to be featured in the 2012 Guinness Book of Records and here he is proudly showing off a new LBL Pusher, hitch and trailer.

Rob has posted up a really good review with detailed pictures of all the new kit in the Skatefurther forum, all we can say is ‘wow’. The board looks amazing and we hope the hitch and trailer will be available to buy at somepoint. It looks like topmount with a huge drop is the new drop-through!