From The Forum – LBL Pusher

Every month or so, we will be highlighting one of our forum threads that we think is worth sharing with you. ‘From The Forum’ might be a great thread about someones own trip, information about a race, a really good tip that is worth sharing or a review from one of our forum members.

This month it is a review of the Longboard Larry Pusher version 2.0, trailer and hitch written by World Record Distance Skater and Skatefurther forum member, Rob Thomson.

Here’s just a bit.

The deck is a solid board, but has just the most subtle bit of give when stepped on. Sharp edges and deep foot pockets make for a very reliable grip and allow for no-look foot placement. I got used to the feel of the board very quickly.

The hitch, also a prototype, on the other hand, is incredible. CNC’d out of solid aluminium, with a solid ball joint, and particularly the two-tongue board-side attachment, it has no slop whatsoever. Really tough stuff.

To read the rest of the review, hit up the skatefurther forum. Sign up and then email nat@skatefurther to get your account activated.

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