Product – Ride A19 Pusher Proto

Dom over at Ride A19 had made a prototype pusher for their range of boards and it was recently spotted out at the South Coast Roll in the UK (The renamed version of the classic skateboard marathon at Goodwood). Here are a few sneaky pictures of the deck. If you have any questions, hit up Dom on the Ride A-19 facebook page.



The board is made from alternate thickness layers of hardwood it has a small amount of rocker with progressive concave and angled drops. The dimensions of the board were L 1005mm X W 235mm.

Looks good!




One thought on “Product – Ride A19 Pusher Proto

  1. really nice board that glides over the tarmac with a great low profile for long skates! These are hand made by someone who loves what he does and it shows, keep pushin…

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