2018 Antidote Hurricane

Stoked to post up a great review by Jan-Willem Dee on the 2018 Antidote Longboards Hurricane. If you have a review you’d like to share – drop us a line! You can see all the other reviews by clicking the link above. 

29597739_10156234501701788_4767805327604901554_nTime to post my first experiences with the new Antidote Hurricane model 2018. I will compare the new model with the 2017 model Hurricane which I skated last year for about 1200 km. This is not a scientific review, only my subjective experience of this new board after riding it for 200km.


First some specs:

2017 model:
Lenght: 71 cm
Width: 24,5 cm
Weight: 1500 gr

2018 model:
Length: 68 cm (3cm shorter than the previous model)
Width: 24,5 cm
Weight: 1230 gr (the stiffest model with Leopard Wood veneer, the lightest version is 1100 gr)

In real life:

I already liked the shape of the 2017 model but this new 2018 model in my eyes is even better: more curves and a leaner rear. I really love the looks of the 2018 model! But off course it is all about the experience while riding the board.

The 2017 model was a nice and stiff board which was an easy and forgivable board but could fell a bit heavy sometimes…


The new model is a lot lighter (270g less in my case) and thinner so I was afraid the board would be too flexy and I would loose speed because of the flex. But the opposite was true: despite of the lower weight and thickness the new model still feels stiff and no energy is lost while pushing or pumping (my weight is around 73kg).


The new model is 3cm shorter than the 2017 model and that could influence the experience while pumping. To be honest: I can’t determine how this length difference effects the driving experience but what I can say is this new model feels light, fast and comfortable. I enjoy every km on this board! Feel free to try this board when we meet at skate events like the Dutch Ultra next July!


For more info about this Antidote Hurricane you can contact Dawid Pabian directly. He can tell you more specs about this new board.

EXILE MFG Dawid Pabian