The rise of the 0° rear.

One of the biggest developments over the past few years has been the move from symmetrical low push setups OR topmount LDP setups to the hybrid/slalom/bracket style.

Initially truck design led the way with companies building LDP specific trucks with built in angles (usually around the 60°/10° mark) this meant that topmounts got lower and wedged risers and pre-bending 2inch hardware slowly disappeared.

Drop brackets enabled the angles to be altered on the fly and the decks to get lower still. Eric ‘E-Love’ worked with G|Bomb on the front angled bracket and suddenly we had low low LDP boards.

Roll forward a few years and the rear has been the major area of development. Many people began to focus on races and the )° raised its head. This move towards 0° has meant that the traditional truck design (hangar, baseplate, pivot, kingpin and bushings) has, in some instances, been removed.

Here are 3 of the best.

Exile Mfg ‘Insania’
The G|Bomb ‘Torsion Tail’
The Don’t Trip ‘Delirium’

We hope to get a comparison of all three in the near future. If you have a 0° rear, pop over to the bracket thread on the SkateFurther forum and write us a review!