R.O.G.U.E. 3 Edmonton Push Race

Paul Kent came away with a win at this years R.O.G.U.E. race in Edmonton, Canada. His winning time of 52:53 was an amazing improvement on last years win. The 21km race course features a beautifully paved trail system that winds and twists it’s way through heart of the city of Edmonton like a rollercoaster. It climbs out and dives back into the River Valley multiple times making for an exhilarating though exhausting ride.

Pic of Paul from the front page of the Edmonton Journal

Paul’s wife Rachel also got in on the action with a 3rd place in the womens with a time of 1:25:53. Rachel’s sister Anna joined Paul with a 1st in the womens race in a time of 1:09:37. Anna got 41st overall.

The event was run and organised by Edmonton skateshop Local124 with an amazing first prize of $1000.

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