UK Push Race Series – Margate

Here it is! The first official push race in the UK? We think so. And because of this Skatefurther have helped to sponsor the event. The Margate Push Race is being run by Thanet Dogtown and Longboard and is also being jointly sponsored by Dangerous Decks.

As it is such a momentus occasion Skatefurther have decided to include ‘The Margate Push Race’ in the all new ‘UK Push Race Series’ and supplied an appropriate winners trophy.  The next race will be in the Autumn and we hope to have one every few months at various locations throughout the UK. keep you eyes peeled on here for more…

Gav, who is organising the event, has made life easier for all competitors by producing a map so you can gen up on the course before you set off, click on the pic below to view the whole thing.

The weather is looking good, the course has been set, the prizes have been sorted and it looks like its going to be a rad day. Watch skatefurther for a the results and a write-up.

Good luck to all the skaters!

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