Plymouth to Polperro Push

Just got off to the phone with Stewart, the owner of Liquid Longboards in Plymouth. Had a good old chat about the upcoming 26 mile push from Plymouth to Polperro on the 18th of October and it sounds amazing.

Hi everyone,

We are holding a 26 mile charity longboard push from Plymouth to Polperro on the: 18th Oct!!! the charity’s are Scoot-a-long Registered Charity No. 1119623. and St Lukes with the helping hand of St Johns Ambulance service covering first aid. So lets raise some dosh!

At the end of the push we will be escorted into Polperro town, you have the opportunity to jump of the pier to cool down and finish in the Blue Peter pub for light refreshments and more fun.

Anyone who would like to take part in this event please get in touch on 01752 607198. We will have a team of Liquid boards long boarders that will oversee the group on the push.
If you feel that you you have what it takes then why not come along to one of our training evenings??? All the details of the push are at the shop but if you would like me to email a copy I can do that also.

This event will be covered by the Radio Devon and local Plymouth & Cornish Newspapers.

There will be an area soon dedicated on the website for people to donate for this great cause.

Regards, Stew.

Here at skatefurther we love finding out about events such as this that promote longboarding and raise money for a worthwhile cause. I know that our South West England forum members will be taking part. Skatefurther is going to try to get involved in this as much as possible, throw a few prizes in and possibly make it the 2nd race in the ‘Skatefurther Push Race Series’?

Keep your eye on the Skatefurther forum thread for more info. Liquid boards has a facebook event page for all the latest.

One thought on “Plymouth to Polperro Push

  1. I can report that tonight we had a truly awesome training session with nearly ten skaters doing around 12 miles in total from Liquid Boards right out to the Derriford Business Park for some hill gnar action. Videos will come out I’m sure, as will photos, but the skaters are stoked. Some people are only just getting into distance, so we’re ramping it up gently. Stew is a dedicated man – he’s got the right vision for this event and we’re lucky to have such support here in Plymouth. Me (Skate Further Laura) and Marathon Matt Elver are involved in getting the route just right. This won’t be a race as such, more an adventure – but prizes should be awarded for best effort, gnarliest stacks (hopefully we won’t have to give that prize out) and all that good spirited stuff. This is an experiment in distance, getting some new people interested, and proving that the Plymouth distance crew is not just two strong. RAD!

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