Kickin’ it across the US

Straight from the forum, thanks to Rob Thomsons keen eye, we now know about another huge skate that is happening right now.

Omar is currently skating across the US. I spent a good couple of hours reading through his awesome blog and looking at his pics and I suggest you do the same. He is a really great writer and it gives me itchy feet everyting he updates.

He has met some amazing people, seen some amazing sights, got tickets, done some soul searching, skated terrible roads and faced brutal headwinds. He is still going strong and is 98 days into his epic skate from Memphis to San Diego, recently crossing the border into New Mexico.

3 thoughts on “Kickin’ it across the US

  1. Yeah, Omar is a legend. His reports are raw, real and just screaming out the joys, agony, randomness, and depth of life on the road.

    Check his blog out and give him all the support you can!


  2. Couldn’t agree more! Read and re-read his blog many times. A rad writer who gets across the true feeling of such a long trip. Great stuff and thanks Rob for posting it up in the forum in the first place.

  3. man you guys are too kind. all love on this side. thank you so much for the support, you have no idea how good it makes a traveller feels
    love peace and respect

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